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The information contained is based on personal experiences & the first hand experiences of others known in the Akita breed.

The Akita is a LARGE  breed ~Males standing at least 25" tall at the shoulder  & approximate 110-115    lbs  when full grown, Females at least 23" at the shoulder & about 80-90 lbs.

Akitas are a DOMINATE breed, give them an inch & they will take a foot ! you MUST always , at  ALL times be in FULL control of your Akita. 

The Akita is a great family dog BUT is to be respected, that is to get respect   you must give respect, he does need a firm hand & is NOT a breed for the meek & mild or for one who refuses to discipline.

When properly raised with good children he makes an ideal family member,  Pictured below ~ Witchy &  Kelly ( Mother & daughter) & Ash are all Certified Therapy Dogs.

This is a quote from long time Akita Owner/ Rescue worker  Betty McDade " I explained to all of them ( referring to her children)  that he ( her Akita) had feelings just as they did.  He had the right to his privacy, to his toys, to his food.  He felt happiness and pain.  He could be tired.  Just because he didn't talk didn't mean he couldn't experience all the things they felt.   I told them when he wants company he will come to you.  If he is asleep leave him alone" ~  Thank You Betty for letting me use  your Words of Wisdom .

Teaching Children to Respect Dogs

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Proper training is a MUST, Owner handled Puppy Kindergarten to start off with followed by a complete Obedience course with a qualified instructor, will make the Akita a  good part of society.

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SOCIALIZE, SOCIALIZE, SOCIALIZE !!!!!!!!! Get that puppy out & about among people & other dogs, correct him if he shows ANY aggression to either  pets or people.

Akitas are an AGGRESSIVE bred , especially towards same sex dogs, they tend to be very "prey"  orientated, that is they will seek out &  hunt small creatures: cats, rabbits, guinea pigs , birds etc. Training can relax this behavior but you should beware that it is still there & take precaution.

Aggression is an inherited trait it CANNOT be trained out of an Akita, it can be modified by  training but it will always be underlying. Raising 2 Akitas together no matter if/how they are related will take away the aggressive nature of the breed,  that is it is ill advisable to try &   raise 2 same  sex dogs, one or both being Akitas together, the end result will usually end up with traumatic injuries,such as badly wounded dogs and/or humans.


Due to the aggressive nature, the Akita   should always be kept in a fenced yard ( 6 foot high) or on a leash, NEVER without a leash unless advanced Obedience trained


We are TOTALLY AGAINST any type of "Invisible/ Underground "electric" fence containment system, whether professionally or home installed they simply ARE NOT an acceptable form of containment for the Akita breed ~ very few Akitas will accept the short quick shock as a deterrent, if it does deter the Akita from going off the property, remember it DOES NOT deter other animals from coming on your property & the Akita is dog aggressive & territorial by nature, a 6 foot or higher chain ,link or better yet privacy fence is the ideal containment for the Akita breed.

Akitas shed or "blow coat" usually 2 times per year , when blowing coat ,  a LOT comes out particularly the soft, thick undercoat,  to help speed up this process  warm baths  a few times per  weeks helps, along with DAILY grooming with a  metal comb & pin brush.  Jordi looks like like a buffalo when blowing coat.

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Some Akitas are considered LONG COATED, commonly  called Woollies, Silkies, Coats.    All this  means in that particular puppy got a dose of  genes that caused his/her coat to be longer than the  standard calls for, they are still all Akita just a bit more  hair :) There is NOTHING cuter than a Long Coated Akita Pup ~ Willow & Bengal are all examples of different Coated Akitas.

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The Akita is a very loving & loyal bred,   he will respect you , if you give him the respect he deserves.

We have had great success in the Akita's that we currently have,  we had some negative experiences with our first introduction to Akita's through breeders not taking responsibility of  major faults, ill temperaments & serious genetic  abnormalities, but we lived & learned & that has inspired us to  make the full commitment to breed & produce Akitas that will be healthy,   be able to live , work & play in today's society & be in their owner lives a long  long  time .

If you have ANY questions AT ALL bout the Akita breed , please don't hesitate to  call or Email us

Remember the only Dumb Question is the unasked one !

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