What makes Excel Shu-Ku puppies so special?

Our puppies are home grown

From the time they are born, Excel Shu-Ku puppies live in our home as family members. We do not kennel them for extend periods of time and they are not allowed to go outside unsupervised while very young. Each puppy is handled daily and tracked weekly with weight, growth, and feeding charts. At the appropriate age, puppies are introduced and handled by our child. Puppies remain with their dam until at least 10 weeks of age. These are a few of the many advantages to breeding only limited litter(s)per year.

Excel Shu-Ku dogs/puppies are from breedings determined to benefit the breed, with soundness, temperament, and conformation in mind. Sires and dams are either   X rayed clear of hip dysplasia,OFA or PennHIP certified, CERF’d clear of eye defects, and pass a battery of other health  & temperament tests.


  When we do a breeding it is First & Foremost for the betterment of the Breed & for ourselves to  improve and/or extend our showing & breeding program, with our every intention of  keeping a  puppy   from  the litter, the rest are placed in the appropriate homes in their accordance to quality, we have kept or co-owned at least one pup  from every litter we have bred with very few exceptions.

All dogs/puppies are raised on a premium diet consisting mainly of dry kibble dog food   with a healthy dose of meats, veggies and supplements, we feel so strongly about this food & feeding method we request by written contract all of our puppies dogs to remain on the food through out their lives. 

After much consideration & our own "experimenting " we have seen the benefits & positive results from using Nu-Vet Plus & will  now as of 2007 request  all of our dogs be on this supplement for at least 3 years.

If you feel you cannot or will not make these types of commitments to your puppy, we suggest you consider another breeder are we are extremely commented to having only the best for the puppies we produce.

Before leaving our home, all puppies will have their first set of inoculations, have been micro-chipped for his safety & our peace of mind.

PLEASE   TAKE NOTE & UNDERSTAND this is how we do things NO EXCEPTIONS :

1. We breed on a VERY LIMITED basis

2. We breed ONLY to suit OUR desires,NOT to produce puppies for buyers

3. We DO NOT breed because we have XX number of reservations

4. We place puppies with paid reservation holders only ~ no reservation no puppy

5. We take only a limited  number of reservations

6. All puppies/dogs are sold on written contracts

7. All puppies/dogs placed as Family Companions ( Pets) will be placed on a written spay/neurter contract ~ NO EXCEPTIONS

How we raise em...

Early on…
Excel Shu-Ku Akitas places socialization as a high priority. Our puppies are whelped and raised in our home, socialized from birth with children, adults, and other animals. We evaluate our puppies daily for physical and behavioral attributes. From day one we condition them to become well-adjusted family companions. This process begins early on with the biotinus test or the "vigor of life test". On day three of the puppy’s life we begin an imprinting program including,
DEVELOPING HIGH ACHIEVERS Early Neurological Stimulation  the Biosensor method. Stimulation exercises practiced daily between the ages of 3 days to 16 days give the neurological system a head start. Continuing with the regimen of new daily experiences; different textures, shapes and colors are introduced to the puppy. We include indoor and outdoor ( weather permitting) playtime with theme days such as ball day, box day, water day, and sand day. The more new objects, noises, and obstacles the puppies are exposed to, the more neural connections they make. This gives the puppies important positive references to welcome new experiences for the rest of their lives.

As they grow older…
At around 4-5 weeks of age we move puppies into a separate playing and sleeping areas – the beginnings of potty training. Before puppies leave for their new homes at around 10-12 weeks of age, they will have been introduced to:

-Sleeping in a crate at night
-Obeying simple commands (sit, down, stay)
-Walking on a leash
-Inhibit bite when mouthing humans
-Car rides (confined in crates for safety)

Additionally, puppies are kept with their dam until at least 10 weeks of age. This allows them to benefit from her lessons in canine social behavior.

Formal evaluations for temperament are conducted on day 49 with a modified version of Volhard’s puppy aptitude test.

Structural evaluations are completed using the Puppy Puzzle method is done at exactly 8 weeks of age. We make final puppy placement determinations using all the information we have gathered throughout the puppies 10 weeks of life.

Excel Shu-Ku Akitas ...how can I get one?


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