Just a month after finshing her championshp, Primo goes to the Region 1 Specialty hosted By Greater Baltimore Akita Club 11-21-10 & comes away with an AOM & her 2nd major Select,not bad for being only 1/2 in coat. Thank you Judge Mr. Doug Holloway for this win & wonderful comments about our girl.

PrimoAOM300001FX96.jpg (120579 bytes)

Copy_of_star-ln_line.gif (5468 bytes)

Primo finshes her CHAMPIONSHIP with yet another Major win (3pts) ! WB/BOW/BOS/BBE ~ 10-22-10

Thanks Judge W. Everette Dean Jr.

Primo new CH 96dpi004.jpg (166023 bytes)

OFA: Hips Good : AK-13713G29F-VPI ~ Elbows Normal ~ AK-EL1879F29-VPI ~ Patellas Normal AK-PA704/29/P-VPI   ~ OFA EYE(2013) 81/58F-VPI


Copy_of_star-ln_line.gif (5468 bytes)

  flasher.gif (3375 bytes) We attended our 10_logosm.jpg (33039 bytes) & what a Thrill it was !

Primo takes Winners Bitch from the BBE class on to Best Of Winners & Best Bred By Exhibitor

Primo wb nats003FX 96dpiR.jpg (141967 bytes) Primo BOW National 96002.jpg (171319 bytes)

Winners Bitch ~  THANK YOU Breeder/ Judge Dr. Sophia Kaluzniacki   *  Best of Winners ~ THANK YOU Breeder/ Judge Dr. Rebecca Kestle

Quoted from Dr. Sophia at the ACA Banquet " My Winners Bitch I loved... she was wonderful, she had a great head, she was sound as a dollar coming & going , she had great breed type."

Primo BBE National 96004.jpg (170818 bytes)   2010acastuddogcrp96.jpg (170862 bytes)

Best Bred By Exhibitor ~ THANK YOU Breeder/ Judge Dr. Rebecca Kestle              Representing her sire First in Stud Dog Class

                                                                                              Ch. CR-Wicca's Platinum Sunsation " Thriller"

                                                                                               (L to R: Cache & Primo ~ 1/2 sisters )

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8/15/10 ~ Primo takes WB/BOW for a 4 point Major  from the BBE class ! Breeder/owner handled as always  @ the Harrisburg KC Under respected judge Mrs. Michele Billings.

Primo 8 15 10 Major 96dpi001FXSM.jpg (118340 bytes)

Primo2ysF_2666.jpg (82716 bytes)  Primo2yrA_2664dpi300.jpg (81334 bytes)

Photos above @  almost 2 years old.

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Primo BOW00196dpi.jpg (201311 bytes)

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Photos @ 8 Months

primo8mosqutr5399.jpg (121743 bytes)

primo8moshow5375.jpg (91195 bytes) primo8moshowB5378.jpg (92544 bytes)

primo8modbackq5442.jpg (110987 bytes)

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6 months

P1matcbw.jpg (166280 bytes)

P5matchwbw.jpg (102330 bytes)

P2matchwf.jpg (61297 bytes) P4matchwf.jpg (62350 bytes)

Photos by Margit Korsak

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5.5 months

Wprimo5mossideEIMG_4078.jpg (107566 bytes)

Wprimo5mosqutDIMG_4119.jpg (129366 bytes)  Wprimo5mosqutrCIMG_4037.jpg (108699 bytes)

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4.5 months

Primo4.5showB.jpg (111820 bytes)


primo4.5quarterB.jpg (124296 bytes) primo4.5mosshowA.jpg (113245 bytes)

primo4.5quarter.jpg (116427 bytes) Primo4.5frnt.jpg (135764 bytes)

What an outstanding combo of both sire Thriller & dam Molly ~ we could not be happier !

primo family copynamesm.jpg (111237 bytes)

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primoquarter4mos7117W.jpg (80183 bytes)

primoshow4mos7114W.jpg (66169 bytes)

Primofront4mos7128W.jpg (127341 bytes)

4 months

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bold head 13ks.jpg (32375 bytes)

Bold13wksideA.jpg (87775 bytes)


"Exceptionally good of its kind; first-class"

Meet our newest home bred addition pictured above at almost 13 weeks & self stacked!

Aptly named after her dam SuperModel & sire Thriller, Primo is the very first offspring of both her parents so we'll just have to wait to see what the future holds for this flashy gal.

bolder13wkbuthigh.jpg (74764 bytes) bolder13wksit.jpg (147185 bytes)


Ch. CR Wicca Platinum Sunsation,AOM


Ch. Komaru The Gold Standard At Wicca Ch. Regalia's Cutting Edge Of Grandslam, ROM BIS/BISS Ch. T'Stones Raja Regalia On Buckridge, ROMP, CGC
Ch. Serdess Cristal The Tector, ROM
BIS/BISS Ch. Mt. Joy's Shades Of Wynter Komaru, ROM Ch. Regaila's American Emblem, ROM
Ch. Regaila's All That Glitters, AOM
CR Platinum Plus Ch. Regaila's American Emblem, ROM BIS/BISS Ch. T'Stones Raja Regalia On Buckridge, ROMP, CGC
Ch. Regalia's Candle In The Wind
Ch. CR  License To Thrill Ch. Royal's Double O Seven
CR Stars N Stripes Forever

CH. Excel Shu-Ku's SuperModel


BISS Ch. Excel Shu-Ku's The Witch Doctor Ch. Kumo Ko's Mokonzi Zuri BISS Ch. T'Stones The Hustler, ROMP
Kumo Ko's Kool Your Jetts
Ch. Shu-Ku's U Ain't Seen Nut'n Yet , CGC TDI Ch. BVA's Ri Zing Storm
Big-O's Nvrendn' Legacy O'Shu-Ku
Anshee Heart Breaker CR Regalia Bouderdash To Anshee BIS/BISS Ch. T'Stones Raja Regalia On Buckridge, ROMP, CGC
Ch. CR   License To Thrill
Can Ch. Matsou De Lauclair, ROM BISS Ch. Regalia's Darq Wolf, ROMP
Can Ch. Jodi De Lauclair

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