"Need Not Apply List"

Below is a list of reasons you need not apply for one of our puppies/dogs.
Thanks !!!

1.) You are a liar or a cheat
2.) You make habit of using people
3.) You think puppies/dogs are free
4.) You are looking for a "breeder dog" (meaning breeding purposes only)
5.) You think we are renting you a dog
6.) You have dogs that continually "come & go"
7.) You think everything is always everybody elses fault
8.) You will not take responsability for your actions
9.) You will say whatever it takes to get what you want
10.) You make habit of not fufilling your contracts

If any of these sound familiar, or you think this may be you, please go take avantage of somebody else and make their life miserable ;)
We do not have the time or energy. Nor do our innocent dogs need to get caught up in the drama!
If you still are not sure, feel free to ask me for examples.......
Email: esa_akitainfo@comcast.net

If you are not one of the above please go to  akitapuppies_printhowcani.jpg (14047 bytes)

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Thanks Laurie :)