And when I'm gone, just carry on, don't mourn
Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice
Just know that I'm looking down on you smiling
And I didn't feel a thing, So baby don't feel my pain
Just smile back
                                                     Emimen " When I'm Gone"


BISS CH. Excel Shu-Ku's The Witch Doctor

super nationals 2004 dawn.jpg (100616 bytes)


May 23, 2001 ~ May 21, 2013

He was appropriately named Super , because he was just that ! Super was my pick from early on , he had an enchanted life as he was originally picked by the stud dog owner & by twist of fate or destiny he ended up back with us ~ I always knew he was my boy & he was the one I foolishly imagined, like his namesake Superman he was immortal & his passing would never come

Thank you Super for being part of our journey in life, you were born into my hands & took you first breath in them, in those same hands you took your last breath.

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Excel Shu-Ku's Helluva Witch

corn sit.jpg (72131 bytes)


May 23, 2001 ~ June 12, 2009

 She was one in a million, we have been honored to have had 8+ wonderful years with this special needs Akita named Arby ,born out of a tragedy she triumphed in life, rest peacefully my special & amazing friend, you have taught us more about life & living it to the fullest than you will ever know, you have touched us in a way no other dog has ~ we are truly blessed to have been owned by you , I only wish our time could have been longer.

God Speed my friend ~ you will never be forgotten

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CH. Big-O Shu-Ku Wen Y'R Hot Y'R Hot

Flair14.jpg (59760 bytes)


November 29, 1993 ~ July 3, 2008

My heart & soul, over 14 1/2 years together & even that was not enough time.

We miss your sweet face & your Woof Woof in the early AM hours,  you were truly one in a hundred zillion , there will never be another as special as you ~

Wait peacefully my Flairy Flair & we'll be with you again in time.

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Ch. Apogee Excel's Miracle on Ice

crystal_bob_crplt.JPG (46720 bytes)


11/20/1993 ~ 07/07/2007

Sweet Crystal ~ Never a dull moment with you ! always ready to kiss, kiss

You have left an large empty spot here at home   & we'll miss your spinning while waiting for your food ~ your now free to run & play ~ we'll look for you wnen it's our time :)

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Excel Shu-Ku's Pic A Lilli

Lx_B_day2momccw.JPG (36302 bytes)


June 12, 1999 ~ October 3, 2005

Always special, always a kiss for Logan & always a love ~Taken suddenly & unexpectantly, leaving her 5 week old puppy to carry on~ you will never be forgotten big white girl

In time we'll see you again , until then wait for us, We know you will:)

If Tears Could Build A Staiway, And Memories A Lane, I'd Walk Right Up To Heaven And Bring You Home Again

Daitan-Ni ESA Sparkle Coast To Coast

sparklehatborofx.jpg (100702 bytes)


November 14, 1997 ~ July 11, 2005

Shine bright our friend ~ until we meet again~  you are now sparkling bright in the sky like you did on earth.

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Ch. Excel Shu-Ku's Mr Big Stuff

bossrwdfx.jpg (8503 bytes)


October 20, 1998 ~ April 16, 2004

Our big orange clown was taken suddenly & unexpectedly

he will be missed by all

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Windom's Rare Bear

rare bear crp.jpg (97258 bytes)


July 1, 1987 ~ July 29, 2001

14  years of  love, devotion & companionship Thanks Bear we enjoyed every minute of it

FOREVER YOUNG ~ Run Free & Play, Wait for us ,

we'll see you again .

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CH. Shu-Ku's U Ain't Seen   Nut'n Yet, CGC, TDI

w&pupkiss.jpg (71771 bytes)


June 24, 1994 ~ May 23, 2001

Witchy left us unexpectantly & all to soon, after her 13 puppies were safely delivered by C section her heart failed  & she crossed over the Rainbow bridge ~

pup 12 worlock m.jpg (63992 bytes)    pup 4 diamond neck.jpg (60757 bytes)

           Warlock ~ May 23, 2001 ~ May 30, 2001             Diamond Boy~ May 23, 2001 ~ May 31, 2001

We were lucky enough to enjoy these Boys a week before they joined their Momma by crossing over the Rainbow Bridge .                         

The 11 remaing babies are  living tribute to their Mother, they will do her proud!

You were a Dream Dog ~ not a day goes by when we don't think of you~ Be Good & wait for us Witchy Witch, we'll see you again in time.


l don't know why the angels came,
and decided to take you away.
They must have needed someone very special,
when they carried you on their wings that day.

l wondered how they could take you from me,
and leave me here on my own.
Then l realised your love would live on inside me,
so in my heart, l would never be alone.

God must have had a greater purpose for you,
when He decided your time on earth was done.
He must have wanted you for a heavenly angel,
so you would be able to watch over everyone.

The angels told Him you were so very special,
and could make the world a greater place to live.
So with wings full of love, they took you to Heaven,
and now everyone can feel all the love you have to give.

© Pamela Hall
30th April, 1998

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knighttrent.jpg (6599 bytes)


July 22, 1991 ~ November 14, 2000

Dearly Loved By Danny Newmones at Akitas Of Zuri.

Danny & Knight had  a true Partnership, in the ring they were one !

" Everything I do ~ I do it for you "

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cali pika 1 changed.jpg (90701 bytes)


August 30, 1988 ~ May 11, 2000

"You are the twinkling star in the sky

Watching my dreams all the night.

You are the blossoming flower in field

Whispering the story of life."

  Thanks for  EVERYTHING My Gal Cal, you are THE BESTEST GIRL !

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  CH. Excel's Total Package   

lugersnow.jpg (65606 bytes)


July 22, 1991  ~  July 16, 1999

"For some moments in life , there are no words"
                                                                                                                                                               Willy   Wonka

.....Grieve not,

nor speak of me with tears,

But laugh and talk of me

as if I were beside you...

I loved you so -

It was Heaven here with you.

                                               - Isla Pascshal Richardson ( received from Judy Van Dyke)

Your Kids will carry on your destiny

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Big-O's Nverendn' Legacy O'Shu-Ku

  shelbyhead.jpg (70895 bytes) shelbypups.jpg (55931 bytes)


January 1991 -November 1997

 Thanks Shelby for my beginning, you live on  generation after generation.

Tragically 3 of these great dogs were taken by BLOAT  ~PLEASE read about bloat to try & save one life,  we could not, although God knows we tried.

Sometimes Love Is Letting Go ....................Even When You Want To Hold Tight.

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