Can they get along ???

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Of course they can !   & we would have it NO other way !

IF you get an Akita of impeccable, tollerant temperament & from a well established breeder .

IF you raise your child with respect & kindness twords animals

IF you take the time to properly scocilize & train the puppy

This is a quote from long time Akita Owner/ Rescue worker  Betty McDade " I explained to all of them ( referring to her children)  that he ( her Akita) had feelings just as they did.  He had the right to his privacy, to his toys, to his food.  He felt happiness and pain.  He could be tired.  Just because he didn't talk didn't mean he couldn't experience all the things they felt.   I told them when he wants company he will come to you.  If he is asleep leave him alone" ~  Thank You Betty for letting me use  your Words of Wisdom




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