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Phone calls preferred to discuss the dogs & details.

Adults Available !

Adopt an adult it's a Win Win Win situation ! You get an adult with known parentage & temperament, we get a home for a dog that deserves more time & Akita Rescue gets some of the adoption fee to help them out !

Here at Excel Shu-Ku we have several beautiful mid aged 4-8 years girls who are looking for a permanent & loving homes, these Akitas were bred, born & raised here at our home, at this time due to our sons extensive soccer comitment & to move forward as breeders with our vision of the Akita we will have to diversify bloodlines, hence the placing of these Akitas .  We will be consider both family companion homes & Show/breeding homes. For more info a call 609-561-9394

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Call 609-561-9394   for further details

Check our Breeding link for future 2021/2022 plans & availability .

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Please request our questionnaire when you e-mail us. Thank you:
Our detailed questionnaire must be requested & approved before we will accept a deposit.         
Deposits are required to reserve a puppy . The deposit amount is $300.00 US For Pet & $500.00 US for Show Prospect~  Deposits are Nonrefundable.


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